Twedt Wedding

LeA’Tev was privileged to design a full wedding suite for the Twedt wedding. From invitations, to images for the photo booth strips and printed favor boxes, LeA’Tev had fun creating images and things that tied the design and colors of the whole day together from the beginning straight through to the thank you cards.

Photography by Photography By Becca,

Bolte Wedding



A night to celebrate – wedding invitation and reply card.

Deines Wedding


Wedding invitation, program and thank you and colored matched to the bridesmaid color swatch.

Nekola Wedding

Higgins2 Details

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For the Nekola wedding design went beyond just print and we created a logo that fit on a light GOBO  for the hotel and DJ to use on the dance floor and lobby.

Hladik Wedding

Hladik2 Hladik1 Haldik3

Wedding invitation (featured above), wedding program and coordinating thank you.

Rose Wedding Program


The Program: It is the printed keepsake of the official moment, documenting the people and moments of the service.

Sealine’s Wedding


A wedding invitation and program that reflects the beauty of the fall and colorful atmosphere of the couple and the season.