LeA’Tev: To Design

The world is a beautiful design. Each individual and therefore business reflects the unique design that they have been given. It is my privilege to help develop that design, mission and vision into a visual representation that appeals to their audience. Design as a profession, the tools to create, and the ideas are endless and ever-changing. New ideas are limitless. The boundless creativity is what continues to propel each business forward to fit within their own niche and to make the world a better place each serving communities with their unique giftedness.

Refined Design Group…

A marketing group that assists small business with finding solutions to reach their audience. They began in the fall of 2019. I have had the privilege of serving as their designer for the company and their clients since the inception. To see examples of designs created and a website designed and maintained by Heather Haxton please visit https://refineddesigngroup.com/


Designed through the marketing group Inbound and More. A website to begin the transition from an old platform to an integrated site that improves organization communication. This site is the initial step in their plan for an overall complete organizational redesign. https://uaprnofga.org/

Atlanta Cleaning Co.

A simple web site created to highlight their capabilities and create a place for new clients to complete online forms. Included in the design process were pdf informational sheets and printed materials for new client marketing. https://www.atlantacleaningco.com/

Marketing Video Design

Video work for social media marketing and education video sample. All videos are a sampling of work created for Refined Design Group.