New at LeATev!

Cards, books, ABC cards, invitations, small business graphic design, and Christmas cards! So I know that for a lot of you talking about Christmas and Thanksgiving is well not very welcome in September. I’m sorry! 

I actually LOVE Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! For my 17th birthday I came home to find the whole house decorated for Christmas complete with lights outside. : ) Now lest you think that my birthday is anywhere near Christmas – it is not. It is in July. 

So, all of that to say we are working on 20 varied Christmas card designs that will be previewed on social media – one at a time (as to not overwhelm) and available for viewing at as a collection under designs. Each design is fully customizable from color to design tweaks and of course they can include your family photos from throughout the year. Pricing will begin at $0.75 per card and cap at $2.00 per card. 

If you want more information or you have an idea for a Christmas or Thanksgiving card that you would like designed from scratch just for you. Let us know. We love to serve. And the reason for Christmas is to share hope with those that you love. Jesus gives more than enough to be thankful for and hopeful for in the new year.

And I’ll try to be low key about Thanksgiving and Christmas until at least November… but don’t enter my workspace, because the Christmas movies are coming out! : )

Heather – Designer at LeATev



Kind Words

“I loved the unique and personalized design that Heather Haxton created for us. Her cards were perfect for our special occasion.” Laurie C. Minneapolis, MN


“I appreciated that you took the time to find out specific information about our wants and needs for our invitations and programs. I was thankful for your creativity and offering of several options. Our invitations and programs were beautiful and creative and met all of our needs. We especially appreciated that they were unique for our event.” Tessa Y. Des Moines, IA


“I really like all the options you provided me on my wedding invitations and programs.  It was fun to look through them all with my family and friends and decide which designs we liked best.  You also fine-tuned the layout to meet my needs and wants. Thanks!” Lisa A. Thurston, NE


“You is that you were very easy going and patient with me, especially when I changed my mind after you had already worked up a couple of mockups. You always made me feel like it wasn’t a big deal and that you were eager to help.  Thank you so much!!!” Katie S. West Des Moines, IA


“You did a wonderful job on our invitations and programs for our wedding!  We were very pleased with the quality of your work and loved the design!  I liked the fact that you gave us a number of options and examples of what they would look like with the finished product. We had a great experience with you!”

Jen S., Grimes, IA


“What a talent you have been blessed with. Thank you so much for all that you did for our wedding. You captured a special part of who Jason and I are and were able to portray that in our announcements, programs, and thank you notes. I would not have wanted this special part of my wedding any other way.” Tiffany H. Plano, IL


“Some of the comments on the invitations:

‘Loved your invitations’

‘Great invitations’

‘Those are the best invitations I’ve ever seen’

I’m not exaggerating… some verbal, other wrote on their responses.  Some people loved how original it is, other said they love how it was all on one card, with all the info you need… Just thought you’d like to know. :)”

Esther S. Johnson City, TN


“Brian and I loved how the [wedding] programs turned out! You did a great job with the design…. Thanks for all your help!” Brian and Carla, ValPraso, IN