We have been in a McDonald’s that is old and dingy, but then you come across one that is freshly remodeled and your whole perspective changes. They refreshed their look without rebranding, changing their logo, changing the store brand color, or even dramatically changing their branding… they simply refreshed and the company “feels” different.

Where is your business at? Complete rebranding is something to consider with great deliberation. But what about refreshing your online image – social media, web, advertising; your brick ‘n mortar; or simply your marketing pieces. Keep your brand but refresh your look.

Sometimes it is not just our business that needs a refresh, but us. We stay true to our principles and our foundation, but we change our look or our outlook and grow. Change in ourselves. Growth in us will reflect in our leadership and business. Refresh and recharge even relaxation can change outlook which can bring rejuvenation to make an impact on the world around us.


What Every Office Needs

IMG_05271So, I only worked Wednesday through Friday this past week… so maybe a 3-day work week is what everyone needs!

But in the past two weeks I have decided that an afternoon break around 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. is made perfect with toddler MegaBlocks. Every office should have them. I want to be clear that they need to be “Mega” size. The small interlocking blocks can get… well serious (have you seen The Lego Movie?). Large blocks have limitations and you get to be creative without thinking. It is the best way to wind down the day or clear your mind when you are stuck.

To really help make certain you do not get to consumed in your block creation and change it from play to work, add a toddler (preferably a boy) – they will willingly knock it down for you!

Even if you don’t have blocks in your office, find something to play at each day. I’m certain it will bring a smile to your face on even the most stressful day. : )