Telling a Story

Everyone has a story to tell weaved together through unique likes, personality and experience. The place that most of us want to showcase our story visually is in our house.

I have had the privilege of helping several people select colors and design for their home. It is a fun and yet sometimes overwhelming journey! I am going to attempt a blog series on ways to make your home yours… and not just a replicate of what is currently popular. 

Today’s theme then is start with questions!

  • What are your favorite colors?
  • What do you want people to feel when they walk in your home?
  • What things do you have that you want to showcase – things you “love” or things that are just uniquely you?

As you answer these questions you will have the starting point for your design. A place that will feel comfortable to you and invite people to see a small part of who you are when they enter. Try to answer the questions slowly and over a few days time at a minimum. Then when you have a list for each question, pick your top two to three in each category and prioritize the rest. We will start with this list next week! 

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