Stories with Pictures

Children’s stories and pictures books are fun for everyone. I love sitting and reading Curious George and Dr. Seuss with my son. There is something relaxing about a simple story and fun colorful pictures. Small adventures can be analyzed and lessons can be taught, or, in the case of Dr. Seuss’s ABC, one can simply enjoy the creativity and listen to the sounds and order of the alphabet. Either way it is fun to see my son’s delight and watch him laugh at different parts or characters of the same books over and over! 

What do children’s stories have to do with LeA’Tev? Well this week I am focusing on children’s design. From custom children’s illustrated books to V.I.P. photo books of family and friends. Design and illustration can play a big role in teaching children and connecting them with family and friends that live far away. It is also a fun way to keep memories long after they have grown and changed. We all know that the moment of childhood is a fleeting second and then we grow up!

In case your interested in expanding your children’s collection of stories the following are some of my top favorites: LeATev on Pinterest

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