Party time!


Parties are great! Every week generally has a reason to celebrate and summer has the most birthdays – so plan a party, throw a BBQ, have a block party or invite the relations over! Here are a few party entertainment/mingle ideas I have found and/or used. If you would like print invitations or even just a fun custom graphic for your email invitation – just let LeA’Tev know! We would love to serve you.

1. Have a board(s) where guests can write comments – if it is someone’s birthday… they can write to the guest of honor. If it is a reunion perhaps they note a memory. Is it just a fun get together – then pick a random question or two for people to answer?

2. Do you have trivia games that really just do not get played very often? Well, if it is a DVD trivia game pull out the disc and just leave it running on the TV (most of them have a continuous play or party format on them). Or just pull out the box of trivia cards as conversation starters. (This is a great idea for table centers at a wedding or large events where people who may not know each other well are at the same table.)

3. Keep a stack of games where anybody can grab one to play. And do not forget to throw in crazy house rules for people to try out!

4. Sometimes a great playlist is fantastic background, but other times a movie as background noise is kind of fun, especially if it is an older film from your childhood or is a silly movie with a pop-up trivia track. The 1960’s “The Batman Movie” or the “Back to the Future” movies are great party background… they are fairly neutral to everyone’s tastes, have trivia tracks, and are nostalgic for the 25+ crowd.

5. Have you ever had an ice cream buffet?!! Simply have everyone bring a small container of there favorite ice cream and you can provide a smorgasbord toppings. It is fun to try a world of different flavors.


6. So a classic summer party is an outdoor cinema. Pull out your lawn chairs, notify your neighbors (just to be courteous!) and obtain, beg or borrow a projector and small speakers. There is nothing like a drive-in in your own backyard.



7. Take a party group on the road. There are lots of interesting things to see in every corner of our country. So what it unique in your town?


In Des Moines try hosting a party at Union Park and ride the carousel! In northern Illinois? Host a party that includes time at the Lockwood Observatory – open to the public every second and fourth Sundays of the month. In Worthington, Minnesota, try a progressive dinner combined with a walk around the lake. Just make use of the parks along the way and pick one to end with a great desert and social hour. Overall, make the most of the fun things that you have around you!

8. Pick an era, send out the invites, and have a costume competition!

9. Party with a cause! Gather to send letters to Representatives to free the slaves around the world and in our own backyard. Have a group garage sale & BBQ to help a family in need or raise funds for an adoption.

10. Have a garden party – eat only things that people have grown in their garden (or in a friend’s garden)!

11. Just have fun & enjoy people! The only things in life that matter are your relationship with God and your relationships with people. Nothing else will last!






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