How are your goals doing?

The third week of 2014 has begun. My goals are written and I’m still working to arrange my schedule to make the most of my time, so that, come December goals are achieved. But, I am also playing catch-up, still working on urgency of the moment items, and still not as organized as I would prefer. Why are new things sometimes so difficult to incorporate into our day?

The old way of doing things gets comfortable. The immediate discomfort out weighs the long-term good. UNTIL the old becomes so comfortable it is a tripping hazard, a thing that makes us stumble & fall behind and the immediate is no longer beneficial. Reaching that juncture is not a pleasant experience – the house is so messy it should just be condemned, your health and energy are lost, your finances are a sinking ship, your relationships are strained.

So, before that comes, I am determined to be a part of the 8%* that absolutely makes their goals or new year’s resolution from the beginning to the end of the year. This year and last year I have given my goals to a good friend with whom I meet nearly every week. I also have posted my goals on the refrigerator so my husband and all who come over can see and ask about my goals for the year. Built-in accountability to accomplish your goals makes a big difference in finishing what has been started. Not to mention seeing your goals everyday all year long makes you choose to ignore them or work at them each and every day.

What about you? Have you written your goals and arranged your schedule to meet them? How are you doing? What things help you to stay on track and make this year count?



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