Telling Your Story – Part 3 of 3

All of your favorites pieces are in place. You have everything narrowed for one space. Start putting the pieces together!

1. Start with your base canvas. In most spaces this is the wall, the background for your design.

  • Paint, wallpaper or otherwise set the stage! (Hint: Lowes sells sample jars of paint that cover 3 sq. ft. of wall for under $4 – this is a great way to play with color and not break the budget.)
    • Wallpaper should sit with your “pieces for the room” collected last week just to be certain you like the pattern and colors together.
  • If you have settled on a color to make you whole space “pop”! Paint away. Playing with color on your walls is a fun way to try something new.
    • If you are fearful of color but want to add more to your space, then try just one wall or space and then live with it for a little bit.
    • You can also get inventive and just put your color on the ceiling and leave your walls neutral… this creates a whole other scenario almost in need of its own post at another date, but the ceiling can be of interest to a room – consider the Sistine Chapel! : )
  • If your items are going to be the main focus and bring color then pick a neutral you like. If the room is enclosed, don’t stress about coordinating with the whole space. But, if the area is connected to everything go back to your full list of favorite colors and pick a neutral that you like with all of them.
  • If you are considering an accent wall of pattern or color consider the following:
    • Are you placing one of your domineering pieces on this wall – open storage, artwork, or other unique item? If so do you want this focal wall color to contrast or blend with the pieces?
    • Are all of the other walls going to contrast or compliment the accent wall – they could be just a different shade or finish of the same color or they could be significantly different. i.e. a bright blue accent wall with three surrounding bright orange walls.
  • One other thought… as if you needed more! Remember that creativity often takes more then one attempt – try something! And then rearrange! If you are simply stumped unable to select color without fearing the results, then find a friend you will listen to you and help you to select colors that reflect you and who can visualize the end result. Or call me! I’d love to help you!

2. Add the items necessary for the function of the room. 

  • If the necessities are getting cluttered, find items that match or place them in single color matching baskets to reduce the look of clutter.
  • Contrasting that, if the necessities are taking the creativity out of the room, find complementary baskets, shelves, etc. and reduce the sameness with coordinated containers.
  • If you are short on space do not forget to use the space on the back of the door (room & cabinets) use hooks or baskets based on your organizational style. Simple organization tips that I learned from my friend Shari Hudson, previous owner of Organized by Design, are invaluable to making space function well.

3. Add the fun theme items. 

  • Likely these are your focal pieces, but there may be little spaces where your accent pieces simply brighten up full book shelves or add character.
  • This final step should be one of the most fun parts! It may even be the most interchangeable part of your room! Adding room to switch out for seasons, moods, or a simple update just because!

There are literally millions of ways to put things together! But start with your likes, your tastes, and your personality! Express your creativity and enjoy the process! For more information or for help to start your interior design process, please feel free to contact me.

Make your space yours!

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