Reflecting the Designer

Starting new adventures always invoke a high learning curve! Today I am walking that adventure.

Life is a beautiful design created by the Creator, Designer God who holds all things together. As I continue to work out how to best promote LeA’Tev, the best niche market to focus on and how God wants me to use the abilities He has given, I am very easily overwhelmed. Not just by the ins and outs of the business but by the desire to want it to be about much more then myself.

It is in the moment then that I recall that this business is to be about more then me, that I also recall I can do nothing apart from my Designer. Creativity, new ideas, business, relationships, all have the purpose and are given by God.Through Jesus Christ, taking my punishment for my stupidity and wrongs and overcoming all sin, I can rest in knowing that God does all things right and works all things together for good.

Luke 1:37 reminds us, “That with God all things are possible.”

So, creating order and beauty in the visual place and things of your life is a reflection of the order and beauty of you. You allowing God to manage and rule your life creates order and beauty that reflects Him – the master Designer. Reflecting our own image is limited. But allowing God to reflect His beauty in our lives truly leaves unlimited potential.

Enjoy the adventure of today and look for the artwork of God in the design surrounding you.

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