Memorial Day on Monday was a two-fold celebration. I am very grateful for those who have served our country and defended our freedom with their lives. We would not have the privileges we enjoy so much without them. Secondly, I am grateful for the 365 days that God has given to our son Uriah.

Psalm 90 reminds us that we are very mortal and that each day is to be counted. Uriah’s short life has been a constant reminder to me that we never know what each day will bring and if it will be our last. From a difficult start to pregnancy which ignited lots of tears and prayers to an ER visit at 9 days old, his life is a miracle to me. Subsequently after 22 days in the hospital with bacterial meningitis we have been awed at the healing of God and the absence of side-effects.

Sometimes in life God gives us what we need to see the gift of each day with new clarity.  I often would not choose the things in life that have taught me the most. But this and other struggles have taught me to be calm in circumstances – they change eventually, love those who do not and never will like me, treasure the days, and be thankful for the moments.

Both my husband and I were recounting our June stay at Mercy Hospital. Oddly enough we sometimes miss that time we had living in one room, interrupted every couple of hours by nurses and doctors, taking walks around the hospital. It was likely the most concentrated time we have ever had with each other. Even in the midst of struggle one can find things to be thankful for and that makes a big difference.

Many are going through trials and have been through so much more than I will ever comprehend, but because God is truth I know that He remains consistent in all of our journeys. Because of Him, I know that choosing to be grateful in the storm and relying on Him to carry you through will bring you forth much better then when your struggle began. Jesus, the one who was killed for our sake, is alive and has overcome. Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

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