A Cut… do I cry – “goodness no”!

Another silly moment… at just under 2 there have not been to many cuts that bleed yet in my little guys life (he’s kept it many to scraps and bruises!). But upon this day he got a little cut that began to bleed.

Now, I would think that the typical reaction would be to cry – it hurts, find mom – something is oozing out of me, or something. But not Uriah.

I noticed him playing with this small cut on his hand. No tears or confusion – complete fascination instead. He was trying to squeeze out as much blood as he could and cover his hand and paint on his arm. That is an odd reaction, right? : )

Of course this is the kid who loves doctor appointments (even when he gets shots) and was fascinated to watch the nurse unhook the IV from Grandpa in the hospital. Maybe he’ll be a nurse or doctor or be just a little odd. : )

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