Attack the Apples

Have you ever heard your breakfast food cry out for help? It does!!

We had apple, eggs, ham, and grapes for breakfast the other morning. The cry of Uriah’s food started in low, but it steadily grew as each food item on his plate was conquered. The finally cries came from the apples – loud and strong: “Help!” Then the mighty Uriah would smile and bite. The apple “help” cry came before every bite. But Uriah would laugh and take a large bite, enjoying his conquest! The food did not stand a chance, but man did Uriah think it was funny.

Listen carefully next time you eat and enjoy conquering the yummy food on your plate!

Sometimes you should order takeout…

Ever have nights, where despite your best attempts, dinner is announced by the smoke alarm?

Pizza is a meal that is made in mass quantity in our house. I usually try to make no less than four pizzas at a time – we eat one and then I put frozen pizza in the oven for easy use later. However, tonight I think buying Red Baron would have worked out better.

Pizza 1… Well, yep, it was announced by the smoke alarm. The cheese overflowed unto the bottom of the oven and at 500° it does not take very long for the smoke to start billowing out the oven vents. Windows open (praise the Lord it was in between torrential down pours), fans turned on, and the smoke alarm still goes off!! For real! …Uriah is now in tears, because the alarm is so loud he got scared. Let’s sit down and eat. Suppers on!!

Pizza 2… Oven has been cooled, cheese charcoal bits have been chipped off the bottom of the oven, oven reheated. Although this time, the second pizza has been waiting nearly 40 minutes to be put in the oven – toppings have marinated well with the crust, the flour on the pizza board has been soaked into the crust making a difficult transfer to the pizza stone. BUT, I have gotten smarter (or so I think) I have covered the oven rack with foil and then put the pizza stone on top of it.

12 minutes later – we smell pizza – ready to come out. Due to the wait the cheese has made everything melt worthy and the pizza is falling off the stone all over and unto the foil. It takes two of us to get the foil, the stone, and the pizza out of the oven. The next challenge was to remove the stone from the midst of the overflowed pizza. Then the foil needed to be pulled away from the pizza so it could be free. Good thing we don’t eat food based on looks in our house.

Thankfully, flash baking crusts for frozen pizza somehow remained uneventful… except for a bit more smoke from fresh flour spilled on the bottom of the clean over. But, hey, I think we at least have 2.3 salvageable pizzas for the freezer, and who doesn’t love to clean the oven multiple times over the same meal.

Enjoy daily “adventures”! At least design projects went well for the day… and I sure am glad that my family laughs with me at my mistakes and messes.

Enjoy the moments, good and bad of your day!


More silly moments.

Upon this day my ability to make one more decision was limited… especially when I had not yet had a thought about lunch and Uriah was already standing at the refrigerator begging for food. So, I did what any great Mom would do – I let him decide what was going to be on the menu from his choice of anything in the fridge. (OK so a great Mom would have it planned, noted it was time for lunch, and readied food before their children were starving… but how about the average mom?!)

Uriah’s selection – pepperoni, cheese, banana bread and a trip to the cabinet to point out the popcorn. Maybe its the next great “Happy Meal”!?!

Uriah sure loved his lunch!


The Mixer.

Uriah was crying and dragging me to the kitchen. But every snack option choice and even the question “Are you hungry?” was met with an emphatic shake of the head no while the crying continued. What on earth could Uriah want in the kitchen? He was so frustrated he could not find any words to communicate.

I opened every cupboard and drawer trying to aid our communication breakdown. We finally narrowed it down to the right cabinet. The door opened and the frustration ended. He got down and began to pet the KitchenAid mixer. He just needed to check on his favorite appliance.

The next day, I was able to make my little man’s day. We took out the mixer and made bread dough. He sits on the counter and helps put the ingredients in the bowl and then dutifully watches while the ingredients mix and knead together. To him it is one of the greatest joys of life. Oh the things that make my little guy smile!

And it really is a strange obsession… we visit the industrial mixer in the kitchen at our church, he likes to look at Nana’s mixer on her counter, and he never misses an opportunity to see the varied colors of mixers available at any retail store he happens to find them in. Maybe he’ll grow up to be the next chef or invent the next greater-than-kitchen-aid-mixer. : )

A Cut… do I cry – “goodness no”!

Another silly moment… at just under 2 there have not been to many cuts that bleed yet in my little guys life (he’s kept it many to scraps and bruises!). But upon this day he got a little cut that began to bleed.

Now, I would think that the typical reaction would be to cry – it hurts, find mom – something is oozing out of me, or something. But not Uriah.

I noticed him playing with this small cut on his hand. No tears or confusion – complete fascination instead. He was trying to squeeze out as much blood as he could and cover his hand and paint on his arm. That is an odd reaction, right? : )

Of course this is the kid who loves doctor appointments (even when he gets shots) and was fascinated to watch the nurse unhook the IV from Grandpa in the hospital. Maybe he’ll be a nurse or doctor or be just a little odd. : )

Gross Factor Moments

Another silly moment in the Haxton household…

It had been a few weeks since we had the last group of people over for a party. My son was playing on one of his “missions” which today took him to the intriguing, mysterious cave world of what is know to adults as only the “place under the table.”

His babble and treasures of the cave were mounting when it became strangely silent – the silence that everyone recognizes as something is not right. I entered the under world of the table to see my son chewing. The discussion of “open your mouth show me what you have” begun; I almost wish I had not asked. For as you may have guessed by now, out of his mouth and into my hand came a lovely piece of ABC gum.

I guess I’m glad it is no longer under the table, but really I just wish it had never been. Yuck.

Silly & Awkward Moments of Life…

This is a new section just for fun and maybe to bring a smile to your face on random days….

So, working through reading the Bible this year… Uriah walks up and wants me to read to him what I am reading. It’s the Bible a great thing to read with your kids – right? Here’s where the story was at… “Jacob heard that Shechem had raped his daughter Dinah….” The story does not go up hill for a toddler from this point. Good thing he does not know the meaning of some words yet. : )

There is good reasoning for “children’s Bibles” and “children’s Bible storybooks”… they edit a few things.