The Mixer.

Uriah was crying and dragging me to the kitchen. But every snack option choice and even the question “Are you hungry?” was met with an emphatic shake of the head no while the crying continued. What on earth could Uriah want in the kitchen? He was so frustrated he could not find any words to communicate.

I opened every cupboard and drawer trying to aid our communication breakdown. We finally narrowed it down to the right cabinet. The door opened and the frustration ended. He got down and began to pet the KitchenAid mixer. He just needed to check on his favorite appliance.

The next day, I was able to make my little man’s day. We took out the mixer and made bread dough. He sits on the counter and helps put the ingredients in the bowl and then dutifully watches while the ingredients mix and knead together. To him it is one of the greatest joys of life. Oh the things that make my little guy smile!

And it really is a strange obsession… we visit the industrial mixer in the kitchen at our church, he likes to look at Nana’s mixer on her counter, and he never misses an opportunity to see the varied colors of mixers available at any retail store he happens to find them in. Maybe he’ll grow up to be the next chef or invent the next greater-than-kitchen-aid-mixer. : )

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